Solar Control Inserts

Solar Control Inserts

Bubbles Blinds solar control inserts are an innovative, highly advanced solar control system designed to reduce conservatory over heating, transforming uncomfortable ''Too Hot, Too Cold'' conservatories into usable living spaces.

Fitted directly within polycarbonate roof sheeting.  Bubbles Blinds solar inserts are the most effective and efficient means of reducing interior temperatures, harmful UV radiation and blinding glare, controlling the level of solar energy penetration via the conservatory roof in summer.

During colder periods, our solar inserts enhance conservatory roof unsulation (U VALUE) by increasing the resistance to heat loss, re-radiating heat built up within the conservatory, keeping the conservatory warmer for longer.


*Reflect solar energy and reduce the rate of heat-build by up to 85%, resulting in reductions in temperatures by up to 40F (in high summer)

*Reduce blinding glare by up to 87% with minimal light loss

*Eliminate harmful UV penetration by 99% reducing the rate of furniture fade

*Increase conservatory insulation by 10-15% (increasing the thermal resistance to heat loss) re-radiating interior heat back into the conservatory

*Reduce the rate of energy required to cool/heat the conservatory saving on household bills

*Significantly more effective and cheaper than blinds and air conditioning

*Require''s ''No Maintenance'' and guaranteed for 15 years

*Enhance interior ambience and overhead privacy